August Exhibition in the Gallery

by Melanie, July 21, 2010
Our new exhibition for August is currently on display in the gallery. This exhibition features works from artist Beata Murawska and Dariusz Mlacki. An opening reception for the exhibition will be held in the gallery on Friday, July 23rd between 5 and 9 pm.

Beata Murawska

They call her the “Tulip Lady” in Warsaw. Although much of Beata Murawska’s work does feature tulips–her “signature” flower–she further possesses tremendous ability to portray flowers of any kind, as this exhibit shows.
An extremely popular artist in Warsaw, Beata Murawska’s work is found in many public buildings, hotel lobbies and board rooms. She is inspired by the endless variety, freshness and above all, the beauty of flowers. Her canvases are mostly large scale, the effect, terrific.
Murawska lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. She has been painting professionally for 22 years and has exhibited mostly in Europe–in Berlin, the Netherlands (of course!), Luxembourg and France. And now the US!

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