Going to the Emerald City

by Melanie, January 17, 2013

You don’t have to follow the yellow brick road to find luxe, sophisticated green this year.  Pantone‘s 2013 Color-of-the-Year is Emerald and it’s breaking out all over the place.  We’ve seen rich emerald greens on the fashion runways and red carpets for a while now, and — since interior design often follows fashion — it’s a sure bet that emerald green will start making an appearance in more residential, commercial and retail spaces.

We’ve always loved green (Melanie was born a Green after all), so incorporating the color of the year will be as easy as clicking our heels together.

Here are just a few of our recent inspirations for bringing a little of the Emerald City into your home:

Photo:  New York Magazine

Emerald green makes a big impact on a front door (such a great way to make a statement).  This door looks grand enough for the Wizard himself!

Photo:  Desire to Inspire
We love this super-saturated wall and the velvet cushion would make a great perch for Toto.

Photo:  la-belle-vie.tumblr.com

Forget what the Wizard said and pay some attention to what’s going on behind the curtain — emerald green drapes are dreamy against a dark gray wall.

I’ll get you my pretty!  The Goddess Chandelier from Currey & Company puts a little Emerald City glamour over your table.

Photo:  Decor Pad

These drapes and pillows make a wicked combo — hope that lamp base won’t start hurling apples at us!

Photo:  ABC Carpet & Home

If we were re-shooting The Wizard of Oz, we would drape this rug from ABC Carpet and Home over the shoulders of the cowardly lion to help him get some courage.

Source:  Desire to Inspire

And maybe have Dorothy follow the emerald carpet runner up the stairs!

So click your heels together and take some inspiration from Pantone — or the Wizard —  and add a little emerald to your life.

There’s no place like (your) home.

Do it!

Photo:  Drinkstuff

P.S.  Need a drink?  These jewel-tone vodka glasses are a great way to add emerald to your cocktail hour!

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