Pumped About Pumpkins

by Melanie, October 12, 2012

There is a bit of a pumpkin obsession in our office that we sometimes have to suppress.  Now that it’s officially October however, we are permitted to indulge….

Pumpkin Paths
Pumpkin Centerpieces
Glam Pumpkins
Graphic Pumpkins
Plaid Pumpkins
Mod Pumpkins

Tiny Pumpkins

Glitter Pumpkins

Doily Pumpkins

Pumpkins with a Message

So many fabulous pumpkin ideas and so little of October.  Go ahead and embrace your passion for pumpkins this month – it’s the only time of year that people won’t think you are out of your gourd!

How about a spice-y pumpkin-y cocktail while you’re decorating?

Pumpkin Martini

Do it!
P.S.  Share your pumpkin pictures with us!  Our favorite submission will win these fun pumpkin parts:
Email a pumpkin photo to info@whittingtondesignstudio.com to win.  All submissions must be received by October 26.  Winners will be announced in time for Halloween!  
An accessorized pumpkin is the perfect way to welcome your Thanksgiving guests! 

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